PhD and post-doctoral grants

Each year, CNES allocates around a hundred doctoral and postdoctoral research grants to young students interested in space activities.

Strong support for young researchers:

  • Train young researchers and engineers in the space field
  • Ensure a scientific environment of excellence and a strong capacity for innovation
  • Support space research in the fields of user sciences (space transport systems, orbital systems, user sciences of space resources, human and social sciences).
  • Strength the links between young researchers, CNES and industry (Young Researchers Days – JC1-JC2; Paris Air Show, etc.)

Call for thesis topics

In the autumn of each year, CNES invites laboratories interested in hosting a doctoral student to submit their subject proposals via the dedicated site : Appels-sciences .

Only complete subjects will be submitted for evaluation by the CNES Committees in connection with the areas concerned.


In the first quarter of each year, CNES invites candidates to submit their application via the dedicated site: see the offers and apply


For more information, see the FAQ